Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This is a story my daughter Kelly wrote. She is 11-years-old. I am very proud of her!

A little crow sat on the telephone wire looking down at our garden. We looked out the window and saw the crow go down to eat the buds of the tomatoes. My mom told me to run out there and shoo him away. That day our neighbor told us that birds are eating their buds also. She said, “To prevent that, I am making a scarecrow.” We looked at her, confused, and said, “What a good way to scare them away!”

As born and raised Jersey girls we didn’t know what a scarecrow was. So we looked it up in the dictionary. It said, “A crude image of a person set up to scare birds away from growing crops.” We thought it was something on porches on Halloween. The next day our neighbors put a shirt and hat on their old plow. I told mama that I could make a better one than theirs.

On the next day I had gotten three long stakes and nailed them together. They looked like a cross. Then I brought it inside and put green pants on him, a green plaid farm shirt, blue mud boots, an orange hat, and mostly straw as hair. Then I got dad to tie him to the garage with wire because the garage was beside the garden. My mom and dad thought it was the best looking scarecrow ever. So I said to mama to invite the neighbor over to see the garden, but really to see the scarecrow.

Well, we solved our problem about the birds eating the buds on the tomatoes. But now, what do we do about the deer?


Heather Froeschl said...

Well done! He's a great scarecrow! As for the deer, try hanging things that make noise, like pie tins, and things that flutter, like ribbon. As for the rabbits that surely must be there, try red pepper flakes on the ground around the plants. It's a battlefield, but now you have a general scarecrow to watch over it!
By the way, great writing!

House on the Glade Hill said...

Kelly, you are a VERY good author. I will show this to Emma. Maybe she will do some guest blogging for me. I hope you and the scarecrow are having a fun summer!!


Marion said...

Debi, I liked Kelly's story & wanted to tell her about something I did a few years ago that was such fun! I took hubby's plaid flannel shirt & his old jeans & stuffed them (old tee-shirts)putting a cap on his 'head' & gloves on his 'hands.'

Then I sat him in an old lawn chair by the bird feeder & put sunflower seeds in his glove. Soon, the chickadees were eating out of his glove.

After about a week or 2, I put jeans on, a cap, & the gardening gloves, sat in the chair very still, with sunflower seeds in my right hand.

Sure enough, in no time I had chickadees eating from my hand!


Amy said...

I absolutely LOVE that! How about inventing a Scaredeer? You would become a millionaire if you figured that one out.
You should submit your story to a magazine. Like mother, like daughter!

Debi said...

Thanks everybody 4 your coments! I really like writing the story. Also the scare crow was fun to!


Kelly V.