Friday, December 3, 2010

A New Low

I’m a garbage picker. I get a big charge out of it when I find something good in the trash. In fact, I’m proud of it. Saving money and helping the environment at the same time by being creative and resourceful is fun. Especially in this economy and because of the mess the earth is in. But even I have to admit that I’ve sunk to a new low.

You can find all kinds of good things in the garbage. Some of my best finds have been an antique cookie jar,
a couple of metal motel chairs with original green paint,
and Jamie’s turquoise swivel-chair,
circa 1950 or so. That chair was a real coup. We found it at a garage sale. We wanted it bad but the sellers wouldn’t budge on the price. They were asking fifteen bucks for it. That was too much money for a single chair in an outdated color and style, no matter that we loved the color and style, at a garage sale.

On Monday evening, around midnight, we happened to be driving home down the road where the garage sale had been and lo and behold, what do we see sitting out on the curb waiting for the garbage pickup on Tuesday morning but the turquoise chair! I slammed on the brakes. Jamie ducked down. I made her get out and help me load it up. Had to drive all the way home with the hatch on the little Geo Storm flapping open but it was worth it. That chair looked great in her bedroom with the cool lime green walls and black carpet and is still going strong in her funky apartment twelve years later.

Here in Virginia, the garbage is a sitting duck because we don’t have garbage pickup—every few miles there is a collection of green Dumpsters for residents to dispose of their household trash and unwanted goods. These are often surrounded by a chain-link fence that is never locked, convenient for night-picking, and have identifying labels: Household Goods, Recyclables, and directions and warnings: No Commercial Dumping, No Brush, County Residents Only.

I’ve gotten some good stuff at the Dumpsters. A yellow coffee cup that matches my kitchen.

A vinyl webbed lawn chair for the poolside that adjusts to four different positions.
Plastic chairs for the horses. Well, not actually for the horses. More like for watching the horses. I keep one in my arena and one behind the barn and this way if you ever want to take a load off, just sit down. After a while they crack from being out in the elements all the time. But I don’t care because I got them for free. Last winter was hard on the plastic chairs. I had to throw one away. I kept my eyes out for a new one. It took me about a week before I found a replacement at the Dumpsters.

One time I picked up a vintage chrome breadbox.
As soon as I put it in the truck, another truck pulled in behind me. He was towing a flatbed trailer filled with junk. I couldn’t tell if he was a metal man, or he was looking for good stuff to sell on eBay or keep for himself, like I do. Either way, he would have liked the chrome breadbox. I tried to make eye contact with him because I wanted to gloat, “Na na, na, na, na, you just missed out on something good,” but he wouldn’t look my way. He strolled over to the other Dumpster and nonchalantly peeked inside, watching me out of the corner of his eye, waiting for me to go. He would have never imagined that he and I were on the same page, garbage pickers, me being in that diesel-taking dually blasting the Sirius radio. He probably thought I was one of the rich people from the lake and he wasn’t about to let me catch him digging in the trash.

It helps to live at lake where all the rich people have huge houses with round rooms and walls of glass jutting out over the water like crystals in a stone. The stuff they throw out… Sometimes you can upgrade. I finally admitted it was time to throw away my white wicker set that I kept on the front porch and that the cats favored as their own personal scratching post. I hated to get rid of it because that set looked perfect on my porch. But it was falling apart so, reluctantly, I loaded it up on the truck. A few minutes later I returned with almost the exact same set but in like-new condition, plus an extra piece for my bedroom that matches the grey-green in my Victorian carpet. It doesn’t make a lick of sense why someone would throw away something that was so good. The rich people.

They’re the ones that probably left the food. It was sitting right there in a perfectly fine Kroger bag, off to the side so someone would see it. I never like to show any interest when I see something someone doesn’t want anymore, but thinks is too good to throw away because someone else might want it, so they put it to the side. Don’t want to look like a low-life if there’s someone around who doesn’t abide by that kind of thing. You know, snooty people. Those ones who are too good for themselves. The same thing the metal man was afraid of. So I looked around. I was alone. I flung another bag into the Dumpster where it landed with a thud and casually walked over to the sack and peered inside. It was stuffed with boxes of cake mix. Poppy seed. German chocolate. Yellow. I stuck a hand inside and took a better look. They were all sealed. But what sealed the deal was when I saw the black walnuts. Two large bags of walnuts. I got excited. Walnuts are expensive.

I quickly pulled out a couple of boxes. Clean. There was a bulk-size box of Gummy Bears someone probably picked up at Sam’s Club and then found herself disappointed on Halloween when no trick-or-treaters came. There were also jars of spices with the cellophane wrappers still intact. I considered inspecting it all right then and there but thought better of it. Someone might catch me and I didn’t want to rush the job. We’re talking food here. So I picked up the whole bag and threw it in the back of the truck just in time. Someone pulled in. It was Effie in her old turquoise pickup truck.

“Hey girl,” she said, opening the gate to her truck and lifting a white plastic bag. “You git any a them tornadas last night?”

“There’s more tornados here than when I used to live in Oklahoma.”

“You musta brought ‘em with ya.”

“Either that or global warming,” I said. “The weather’s been crazy lately.”

“That there’s a conspiracy by the government,” she informed me. “They wanna put folks out of jobs is the reason they’re saying we’re having global warming.”

“Ah huh,” I said.

No use arguing. One thing I learned about country folks is they’re set in their ways. Plus Effie is as cute as a button. Crossing mean rednecks is one thing. Crossing a little old southern lady who drives an old turquoise pickup truck with a spirit catcher hanging from the rearview mirror is another. And good thing too because she invited me to the cake sale down at the church. I wouldn’t want to be excluded from that. In fact, I offered to contribute. Poppy seed, chocolate, yellow, whatever they wanted!

I helped Effie throw out the rest of her trash. Then I hurried home to go through my loot.

I opened up a couple of packages of cake mix and examined the plastic bags. Clean as a whistle. I put it all in the freezer—just in case I missed anything, a little time in the freezer would kill it.

When I made Kurt listen to this story as I was working on it like I always do (I like to read them out loud to him), he said, “So where is this free food you got at the Dumpster?”

I looked at him. “Uh… You’ve been eating it?”

I don’t know what’s lower. Getting food from the garbage or feeding it to people without their knowledge. It’s just not right! Not that I actually got the cake mix out of the garbage. But it was low nonetheless. The question is, why was it so much fun? And where should I put that breadbox?


Tammy said...

Oh, this was so funny! What good finds!

When my dad retired as Chief of Police in our little town, he become the part time dump manager. He brought home so much stuff. When we cleaned out the house after our parents died, my sister and I laughed so hard because half the stuff we didn't know if it were "dump or heirloom". I have a nice set of china in my hutch. I'm pretty sure it's "dump".

Did get a good deal at the thrift store today. Fill your bag for $2. My holiday clothes shopping is complete & then some!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Tammy, I was just getting ready to check out your blog when you came to mine!

Oh my God, you were so lucky that your father worked at the dump! lol Oh man, and filling the bag for two bucks at a thrift store... Did you get anything good?

CountryDew said...

Wow, that is cool. I admire people who can recycle in this fashion.

Becky Mushko said...

You've scored some better finds than I have!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I've never been able to find anything at the dumpsters. Of course there aren't any rich people living around here - we're all poor. Anything that can be recycled is saved for yard sales, etc. You've found some really nice things!

Beth said...

Okay, I'm feeling pretty jealous here at the stuff you've scored, Debi. I love that cookie jar. Twenty-five years ago when Tom and I were dating, we used to have "dumpster dates," mainly near Chapel Hill, NC. Man, there was some good stuff there! Now, sadly, they have attendents here in N.C. at the dumpsters that stop you from taking anything. I suspect that's because they want it for themselves. :-) Tom did get some nice lawnmowers (which we use regularly) from the person in front of him while he was waiting in line at the landfill here. I miss so much the days of being able to dive for treasures. We used to call it "shopping at the Green Store." Haha

By the way, I did a post a while back on my dumpster finds. If you want to see my treasures, just search "dumpster" on my blog.

Chris said...

"Dumpster dates" So glad you mentioned that Beth. One of my friends and I have a standing dumpster diving date after playing in a local restaurant. Tens of dollars to be made playing in a restaurant followed by the possibility of few free good finds, what could be better!

Cynda said...

No wonder I can't find anything good any more because you are getting it all!

Sweetflutterbys3 said...

You are amazing, Debi! We don't have any dumpsters around where I live. Otherwise, I'd be there like you. My husband's grandfather used to walk the streets on trash day and collect things he could fix or reuse. My mother in law still has some of the things he fixed.

You know what they say...someone elses trash is another person's treasure!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the bread box. Na, na, na na, feels good to get there first right! Great finds doing something you really like.

Christina said...

That is just freakin hilarious. I will paw through some trash in a heartbeat if something looks good in there. Dont blame you a bit. And if you feel like whippin up a chocolate cake_I will come on over.

You didnt offend me at all. I know how ignornant it is here!

Amy Tate said...

If you see a woman hanging over the side of a dumpster in Penhook, that's my Mama. She has found more treasures in the dumpster in the past six months! I think all those wealthy folks at the Waters Edge get tired of their furniture every few weeks, but my parent's house sure is looking pretty, lol!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Amy! Your mother is my competition!

Giulia said...

I find it most curious that you have Serius and yet go dumpster diving. Quite a dichotomy there. Wish we had a dump like yours. There's a dump "recycling" center in Salisbury, CT, or is it Sharon? A little shack where you can bring something you don't want and take something you do. It's the upscale way to dumpster dive. I was only there once. A lot of rich folk in that area and they throw away the best garbage. Somebody had to pick through that garbage and do the retrieval. And you can bet that the person who did, got the best of the lot! Sort of like at the thrift stores. Having worked in one, the people who do the pricing get first dibs.... But man, you're brave to bring home food items. I wouldn't venture into that realm. Wonderful pictures of your stuff. That chrome breadbox is spectacular!

Sloan said...

We go out on bulk pick up day to look for good finds twice a year. I wish we had dumpsters here to look for good things! You hit the jackpot Debi! and so funny how you tell the story!

Kathie Truitt said...

Okay, this is scary. I am a 'country girl stuck in the city' and you are now a 'city girl lovin' the country'. And something else scary? We are a loott alike I'm finding after reading your blog.

We have GOT to meet - that's all their is to it.


P.S. - You're SURE you don't like "What About Bob?" Ha!

Jeff said...

Just a thought - possibly the food was left for the unfortunate. We lived near the city dump when I was a kid and one time the man who ran the dump came by and gave us some pork loin that was given to him. He had no refrigerator and was given more than he and his family could eat. It was much appreciated - we were poor. That said, a friend of mine who did garage sales always said that you never went to garage sales in poor areas - only in rich areas.

Tanya said...

oh i am jealous, you score on some great things! lucky about the chair but how completely irresponsible of people when there are goodwill drop offs EVERYWHERE! i cannot just put things in the trash, it seriously bothers me!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

that turquoise chair is my favorite! remember when I wrote about it on my blog a while back?

It's collecting dust in the corner as I speak, because of the giant hole in the seat. I refuse to throw it out. I WILL fix it one day! I love everything about it. And I think it has one of the best stories along with it.

I think the best stuff is found by looking through things people think is garbage. The commonly used phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is so true!!