Thursday, October 28, 2010

Horse Stuff--Bullet

Here’s an update on the horses:

We’ll start with Bullet first. Last you heard, the Bad Boy fell at the first barrel. When he scrambled up, Kelly’s foot got stuck in the stirrup and she got dragged. I immediately went out and got her the Breakaway Stirrups. If a rider falls and gets her foot caught, they come apart and the rider can get free. So now she’s in a helmet and the emergency stirrups. I was thinking about bubble wrap next. Actually, someone tried to sell me some kind of newfangled vest-thing, not unlike bubble wrap, that inflates when the rider inadvertently disengages from the saddle. He zeroed right in on me when he saw the worried look on my face as I gave Kelly directions at a show and how I hovered and wrung my hands. He looked from me, to her helmet, to the Breakaway Stirrups, and then back to me again. He knows who his target customer is and so he came right over and demonstrated, pulling the cord on the vest, throwing himself in the dirt, and rolling like he just jumped out of a helicopter and was trying not to get shot in enemy territory. The vest popped and blew up. But I didn’t buy it. It was time for Kelly’s class so we left him there in the dirt, struggling like a turtle trying to right itself.

Even though the vest didn’t make the Bad Boy blink an eye when it exploded right in front of him, sometimes he forgets he’s twelve-years-old and still acts like he’s a colt, nearly jumping out of his skin at the mere mention of a Walmart bag. Kelly is planning to take him to a cowboy competition. So she’s been sacking him out—trying to get him desensitized to things. I think I’ve got a good little trainer on my hands.

Last week we went to a gymkhana where Kelly hit a barrel in the barrels class and also in Texas barrels. Bullet is good for this. It’s because he does a rollback. Kelly’s got to work on that. But she got a fourth place in Speed barrels and won the poles! I think it’s because of me. I’m good luck. As soon as I got there, she started kicking butt. I missed her first three classes because I had to stay home to wait for someone who was coming to look at the farm. I knew they were looky-lous when their real estate agent called and asked if she could bring them over. (We’re selling the place ourselves like we always do but we are willing to give an agent a small commission if she brings us a buyer.) I’d asked if the buyers had horses. Their agent said no. I asked if they were planning to get horses and she stammered, “Uh, uh, no, I don’t think so…” Somebody did not do their homework… hence the reason we always sell ourselves.

So I knew this was probably not a serious buyer but someone out for a weekend drive wanting to go and see the farms and look at the pretty horsies. A large part of the value of this place is the fact that it’s a turnkey horse farm. If you don’t need the horse farm part, the barns, the riding arena, the round pen, all of that, you could get a better house on a half acre lot for the same money. So I knew. But you never know. When you’re selling by-owner, you have to be on call whenever a potential buyer wants to come. Therefore, I missed Kelly’s first three classes. But that’s okay. I made her a nervous wreck anyway. “Here, let me check those stirrups… Is that strap adjusted correctly? Did you tighten your girth?” And the mother of all mothers, “Go slow. I don’t like the footing here.”

“It’s a race Mama!”

Kurt—“Leave her alone.”

Hey, at least I didn’t make her get the exploding vest.

Next week an update on the others.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's always a good idea to wear anything that can protect us. The helmet and stirrups are a good idea. Never heard of the vest thing, and seriously, I don't know if I would go for it either.

Congratulations to Kelly for doing so well in her classes. Too bad you had a bunch of tire kickers looking at the property, hope you find a buyer soon.

Gilly said...

Now all this horsey stuff, gymkhana, barrels, whatever is totally alien to me!!

But I do like reading about it! And trying to sell anything in the property line is murder! Good luck to you!

CountryDew said...

I'm glad your girl is doing so well with the horses. She is very brave.

Rural Rambler said...

Glad Kelly is lovin' horsin'! Sorry you got a worry button on while she is horsin' but if that was my girl out there I'd be worrying too. I swear I'd need a Valium and a glass of wine. I have seen one of those exploding vests at a cross country horse trial. That is about all I can say about them but people I have talked to think they are great. Got my fingers crossed for the quick sale of your property. All that keeping things all picked up and pretty is tough. Looking forward to the next horse update :)

Sweetflutterbys3 said...

I get exactly where you are coming from. I'm the same way with my kids. My two oldest are always saying, "Stop it, Mom". But it's like a knee jerk reaction. You can't help yourself.

You taught your daughter well, though. She sounds like she's doing great.

Claudia Condiff said...

Man she is growing up too fast !!!
Shes a good little horse woman, for sure. Deb, you are a riot, your writing always makes me laugh !!!The turtle image...snork/snark/bahwhahaha !!
Keep writing girl....

Jeff said...

I don't understand the horse lingo, but I sure loved the description of the salesman as a turtle!! I take it that you don't much care for sales people? Ha, ha!

Selling a place is always a hassle - Virginia has different laws than Florida, though. Once you sign with a Realtor here, you're theirs. If you find a buyer, the Realtor still gets the full commission. Even after the contract expires - for up to six months!

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Oh, I didn't sign with a realtor Jeff. I always sell them myself. But if someone wants to bring me a buyer who makes an offer I like, I will give that person 2%. That's the only thing I would agree to and sign at that time. They take it or leave it. It's a good deal for them because I'm not asking them to do any of the work. I don't WANT them to do anything because most of them stink, lol.

Nezzy said...

I say bubble wrap the girl! Heeehehehe!!!

I'm so glad she wasn't hurt any worse than she was. You can tell that Kelly loves the horse just by that bright smile on her face!

God bless you and have a fantastic day sweetie!!!

Sloan said...

Congrats to Kelly for winning at the show!! Great job! Now leave her alone Debi! You're too much. Sorry about your buyers. That's the same reason why I sold my house by owner as well.

Snappy Di said...

Hi Debi! Hey, the cake is from Kroger grocery store. They usually have one in their bakery all ready to go. Talk about calories... ugh, but oooooh so good!


Motley said...

I would also suggest mouth guards, shoulder pads and a neck brace if you want to be sure!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Kelly's got to come over and throw a tarp over Ein. She's a basketcase too.