Thursday, May 3, 2007

Country Competitions

Ut oh, the neighbor is out there mowing again. Now we’re going to have to get out there and mow. I got on the phone to Kurt. He couldn’t believe it.

“The grass doesn’t need to be mowed already,” he said. “We just did it three days ago!”

“I’m looking at him right now Kurt. I’m watching him with my very own eyes. He’s on his riding lawn mower. He’s going around the side now.”

Kurt was not happy about it. But it was his own fault. He had given Eldon a heads-up a couple of weeks ago when he made a joke about neighbors being in competition for the nicest lawn.

“Now they know we’re in competition with them!” I cried.

But Kurt wasn’t running scared. He was the champ in our old neighborhood and was known for his flawless manicured lines all around the flower beds and bushes. He was an artist of sorts and favored a catty-corner technique whereas Eldon, who was giving him a run for his money, made neat horizontal lines.

“And Pearl is out there with him. She’s doing something with the mulch. I’m going to have to get out there and weed. She even has a hat on,” I said.

These are real professionals we’re up against. They have equipment we can only dream about--you name it, they have it. They even have one of those riding lawn mowers with a seat that’s like a recliner. Eldon relaxes back there and let’s the machine do all the work and there is Pearl, with special pads on her knees and hand tools that are ergonomically designed.

Kurt made it home in good time but can’t get the riding lawn mower started. I am already weed-whacking. I have my plastic protective glasses on and yellow plugs in my ears. I make a motion towards the sky. It looks like it’s going to rain. I don’t wait for Kurt to reply and keep going. I have to hurry. The neighbors are already in the back. I can’t hear him over the roar of the weed-whacker but I can tell by his stomping and his mouth moving that he is cursing the lawn mower again.

Eldon and Pearl are sitting on their front porch now watching us. They're as cool as cucumbers. These Virginia people really know what they’re doing regarding growing things. Sure, Kurt and I kicked ass in New Jersey but that was suburbia. Maybe down here we’ve bitten off a little more than we can chew. Who knew what we were up against? At any rate, I see Kurt nod his head in the neighbors’ direction and they wave. I stand up from the hostas and stretch. Then I bend my head from one shoulder to the other and yawn. One thing I know is, we’re not going to let them see us sweat.


House on the Glade Hill said...

If you think these people are competitive, you should have seen Fort Myers, Florida. Man! 12 months a year things were growing. It was crazzzzy.
Great writing! I wish I could let loose the way you do. I feel like I am looking at pictures in your stories. They are very descritive by showing, not describing. Excellent!!

Amy said...

I love it Debi! If you can barrel race, then you can keep up a Virginia yard! Tell your hubby to do what mine does. Shannon waits until they complain and then mows the yard - Its much better than mowing every 3 days!
Love your writing!

Debi said...

12 months out of the year?! Yikes, there's no rest in Florida! I don't know about waiting until they complain Amy--today I volunteered--meaning I got out there and mowed before they did!